Pratt Institute / prattcat / - BA Communications Design, Illustration

After several years of chasing corporate jobs, I finally realized I was hungry for the passion and drive that I had slowly lost over the years. I left the “safe” jobs to venture on my own, looking for opportunities to do more custom work. I am now happily working from my own little desk, pushing the boundaries across all types of mediums.

My mission is to create thoughtful creative solutions to the modern day problems. I strive to find the perfect balance between beauty and purpose, and every piece I create has it’s own original thumbprint. When you need to tell a story or represent what you stand for, I’m your gal.

“Sometimes the question is complicated, but the answers are simple.” - Dr. Seuss

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- KL

Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I’ve always called myself an illustrator. I’m not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life.
— Norman Rockwell

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