A Wall To Remember

I love when my brides push me to new limits and challenges. This wall is definitely on my list of favorites. The bride wanted something more than a typical seating chart, so we came up with this concrete wall (built by hand by her fiancé!) for me to paint on.

The wall was "roughed up" with quick layers of concrete, then I went in with a base muted gray.

The beautiful truth about paintings is that what you see when you look at it is rarely what was first painted on. Underneath the "final" layer are all the rest of the layers that came before. This wall was no exception. I painted, covered with gray, painted some more, covered some more. It was an entire process. Every time I would cover a part up, someone would ask, "why?" I didn't have an answer.. it just wasn't it.

But the best part of the process is that moment when I find "it." When I find "it," that's when I go. I paint fast because I need to get it out of me before I lose "it." 

This wall took me about two full days, and I enjoyed every moment of it. By the time I had most of the background done (before the lettering) I realized I stopped using brushes and began using my hands. I took a photo of my hand because I loved it.

It was.. pretty.

It was so great seeing the final wall at the venue. 

Haley Sheffield Photography

Haley Sheffield Photography

Haley Sheffield Photography

Haley Sheffield Photography

Thankful for the opportunity.