It's Monday!

Having gotten a new pup (German Shepherd!) I am so.. so tired.
Other than that and the -5˚ weather - all is well. I could use a nap, though.
Meanwhile, here's a few illustrations I did last week.

I gave the last one some eye lashes, because, why not?
I think I will turn one of them into a large print for the bathroom. Yaas.


Quick Doodle

So yesterday morning, I was brushing my teeth - la la la.
I'm looking at the mirror and I turn my head a little and I see something out of the corner of my eye. I see a face flash and disappear and I do a double-take. And that's when I realize, my Waterpik looks like a Storm Trooper. 


So I did a quick doodle of it.

Now, I have a whole list of things to do on my post-it, the first being to complete a print design for the shop (coming soon).. Hoping to launch the shop sometime -oh, I don't know! - within a couple months?! 

Happy hump day, everyone!